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Workarounds for VPN Connection Not Working with Chrome Browser

Why Does Chrome Keeps Crashing

Common Browser Issues

Sometimes, it is seen that browsing will not work on Google Chrome when accessing websites from a VPN server. In case you face issues with VPN connection on Chrome, follow the below steps to work around it.

Check the Network Connection

Prior to starting with the actual workaround, it is worth checking if the issue is caused due to Chrome browser or VPN. What if the connection is the underlying cause of VPN not working with the browser? The connection tends to break if you have upgraded Windows to the latest version. Regardless, to eliminate a probable cause, run Google Chrome on a different network such as a wired one, or use a different browser on VPN. Also, restart the computer, modem, and router to check if the connection is working fine afterwards.

If not, and you feel VPN is to be blamed, then try the below steps.

  • Clear DNS cache using Command Prompt. To open that, press Windows and R keys at the same, type cmd in the Run dialog box, and click OK
  • In the new black color window, type the commands ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew and press Enter key after typing one after the other. Then, also type ipconfig/flushdns command and press Enter.
  • To close Command Prompt, type Exit command, and press Enter. Then, check if the connection is working. If not, move on to the next step.

IP Configuration

Change the VPN Server

Many of the locations have VPN servers, so try changing the one with a connection problem. This will work if the used one has high traffic that slows down the connection, or an outage is also likely due to temporary server failures. Either way, change the server to an available one and try connecting to Chrome browser over that.

Clear Cached Data on Chrome

Have you ever thought why does Chrome keeps crashing, or why the browser conflicts with VPN integration and even thwart the connection via a secure tunnel? If a Chrome tab is crashing while surfing the web, you can also try the below steps to work around that.

  • Press Shift, Ctrl, and Delete keys on an active Chrome window, ensure Cached images and files checkbox is selected, and click on Clear Data button for confirmation.

Clear Browsing Data

  • Then, exit the browser entirely, enable VPN and try reconnecting.

If you are wondering why does Chrome keeps crashing, or why is VPN not working, contact our browser support professionals for more workarounds to fix the VPN issue.

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