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Why Is My Chrome Not Working After Windows 10 update? - Browser Freeze Issues | Internet Browser Keeps Freezing

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Why Is My Chrome Not Working After Windows 10 update?

GoogleChrome Not Working

GoogleChrome Not Working

Computer maniacs around the world have always used the Chrome browser which is one of the premium products of Google. However, Google Chrome also has problems. It has been suffering from some minor graphics related issues since last year because of which it has been under the limelight. But, you might have noticed that Chrome has some additional problems in working now. Let’s have a look at it.

Why Is The GoogleChrome Not Working?

Chrome has shown an inability in allowing its users to access basic functions after an update from Microsoft Windows 10 in May 2020. Now, Chrome cannot keep its users signed-in, or allow them to sync data, store cookies, remember passwords, or third party extension data.

Google initially said that the new Chrome problems are the after-effects of Microsoft’s updating with more than 70 extensions containing some malicious spyware that had evaded Google’s screening process.

What Should You Do? How To Fix The Problem?

The best option available to Chrome users is not to install the May 2020 update. Or if one has already opted for the update, you can follow the below which has the highest success rate in solving the problem.

Eradicate Errors

  • Start – Event Viewer – Applications and Services – Microsoft – Windows – Crypto DPAPI – Operational
  • Check for errors
  • If you find errors, close all Chrome windows and press Win + L to lock your computer
  • Unlock and start Chrome

The second option is-

Use Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft has claimed that their new update works better with their Edge browser, thereby, prompting users to download Edge. Moreover, Microsoft stated that they are pushing for users to download their Windows 10 update. This is bad news for Google and its engineers who are under a lot of pressure due to the current situation as they are still in their beta testing.

Chrome Problems

Chrome Problems

This problem will not only affect Chrome’s performance but also Google’s accountability since it initially dismissed the problems regarding the update and waited for Microsoft to fix it. Moreover, several users have reported that the Edge browser is unaffected by the update throwing Google under the wheels.

How Will A Chrome User Benefit From This Situation?

Google is going through a rough patch now after the update, but they have found that these problems will eventually have a very positive long term impact such as much-reduced memory consumption. Google said that it is expecting the memory usage to be reduced by 1/4th of what was used before which could save hundreds of MB in the browser and network services.

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