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What to Do When Chrome Stops Responding

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing

Common Browser Issues

There is not a browser arguably as fast and light as Google Chrome. People use it all over the world to browse the internet, watch videos on YouTube, and do a variety of things that require a web browser. One of the benefits of using Chrome is that it is integrated to Google search, making it possible to find whatever information you want by simply typing a search term into the omnibox and hitting Enter.

Like all browsers, the Chrome browser sometimes has an issue where it crashes or fails to respond. When Google Chrome keeps freezing, it may disrupt important work, which can be a huge problem, especially in offices. You would be justified in calling an expert to come have a look-see. However, if you want to skip that and try a hand at fixing it yourself, there are some methods to try.

Close Apps, Extensions, and Tabs

Your computer may have run out of memory for the simple reason that too many processes are running inside Chrome. While it is a light application, users often add stuff to it, and this builds up over time.

  • Close all tabs, but not the one that is displaying the error message.
  • Close all other running programs and apps.
  • Stop any downloads that are going on.
  • Remove any extension you think you can do without.
    Chrome Browser

    Fix Chrome Issues

Restart the Browser

  • If you are on Windows, use Ctrl + Q. For Mac, use + Q.
  • See if you can load the page now. Use Ctrl + Shift + T on Windows, and + Shift + T on Mac.

Restart the PC

You will need to shut down the computer and start it back up again. Fire up Chrome and see if you can load the page.

If the above steps do not solve the issue, you may want to follow your initial idea of calling a certified browser support technician to find a resolution. Fast and efficient service along these lines can be very helpful, especially if someone direly needs to get back to work at the office and there are no other computers to use instead.

Some of the common issues that Chrome serves up include frozen tabs, unresponsive extensions, Flash not working, and internet connections dropping. Again, if any of these are giving you trouble you cannot fix, get an expert to help.

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