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Troubleshoots to Clear Browser Redirect from Installed Browsers in Windows PC

Browser Issues

Troubleshoots Browser Redirect

A common reason why the web browser redirects to a different URL other than the one you entered in the address bar is virus infection in Windows PC. In particular, certain Trojan viruses infect Master Boot Record while a browser extension may also cause the redirect issue in your system.

It is one of the common browser issues and needs advanced troubleshooting. The error will occur even when you try to open bookmarks in the browser and thereby hampers your web surfing experience altogether.

If your computer has browser redirect virus, it will also have adware, which displays pop-up ads replacing legit advertisements. Adware will also prompt you to visit websites containing malware instead of the one you searched for. Therefore, virus removal procedure is highly recommended for clearing browser redirect in Windows PC.

Follow the below steps to remove the namesake virus manually from Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or even Internet Explorer.

Uninstall Adware

Firstly, you need to remove suspicious adware from Windows PC. For that, open Control Panel and click on Uninstall a Program. Then, look for all software that you installed in the system and remove the adware program from the computer. Quivisi is one such program, which causes your browser to redirect unwanted sites, so uninstall that, or look for similar adware.

Remove Virus from Browser Shortcut

Virus Removal

Google Chrome Settings

The virus may also affect the shortcuts no matter which browser you have installed on your PC. To remove the redirect virus shown from a browser, right click on its shortcut on desktop and choose Properties. Then, remove the extended URL following your browser name from the Target tab.

If you right clicked on Firefox shortcut, for instance, and if the browser shortcut has virus, there will be an extended string following firefox.exe. Remove that and click OK to apply the changes made. You can do this same procedure to clear browser redirect virus on the shortcut of any of the other web browsers that you have installed on your Windows PC.

Through Google Chrome Settings

Open the Google Chrome browser on your computer and click on the three horizontal lines on the upper right corner. In the next menu, click Settings and search and find Show Advanced Settings or Advanced. Then, find Reset by pressing Ctrl and F keys on the keyboard. Click on Reset Settings To Their Original Defaults and confirm Reset if a dialog appears afterwards.

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