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Troubleshooting Steps for a Web Page Loading Error on Chrome

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing

Webpage Loading Error

Reloading Google Chrome browser can possibly clear an error such as Aw, Snap! which may denote the browser fail to open a web page or is loading up slowly. If that is the reasons for the error to occur on Chrome, click the Reload button to the upper left corner. If that fails to load the website, follow the below troubleshooting steps for the Aw, Snap! error.

First, open the same Chrome tab on Incognito mode by pressing Ctrl, Shift, and N keys simultaneously. If the error is not shown on the Incognito tab, it is likely something is wrong with the add-ons installed in Chrome. You will have to try disabling browser extensions in order to surf the website in a standard Chrome tab.

For that, enter chrome://extensions on the address bar and deselect Enabled extensions from the list of installed add-ons in Chrome browser. After that, open the website showing the Aw, Snap! error to see if it is loading properly. If so, click on the icon next to an extension denoted by a delete box to remove it from Chrome.

fix browser issues

If that fails to troubleshoot the error, try clearing browsing data. If Chrome cache stores plenty of browsing data, it might affect the web page loading time. Clear Browsing Data to retry loading the web page with Aw, Snap! error. For that, key in chrome://settings/clearBrowserData on the address bar at the top and press Enter. In the next dialog-box that pops up in Chrome settings, choose All Time, select all the options including Browsing History and then click Clear Data next to Cancel.

Additional Troubleshooting Steps

Chrome Constantly Crashing

Common Browser Issues

It is likely something is wrong with Chrome despite trying all the aforementioned methods to clear it. If the error persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version Chrome. Further, it is also likely a hardware issue is slowing up the browser. You can run a Windows Memory Diagnostic to verify the hardware status of the PC. For that, press Win key and R key simultaneously, enter mdsched.exe in the dialog box, and press OK. Under Windows Memory Diagnostic pop-up, choose Restart Now and Check for Problems (Recommended). Wait for the memory diagnostic to complete once the system reboots.

If you are still experiencing the web page loading error on Google Chrome or if you need assistance with fixing any other technical issues in the browser, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts at 844-202-8213 (Toll-Free) or start a live chat session now!

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