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Tips To Fix Google Chrome Slowdown Issue - Browser Freeze Issues | Internet Browser Keeps Freezing

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Tips To Fix Google Chrome Slowdown Issue

Google Chrome Not Responding

Google Chrome Not Responding

Google Chrome is one of the more reliable web browsers, but like any others at times even it slows down and you must have heard people complaining google chrome not responding. This can be quite frustrating and annoying, as it brings down your productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, it can cause delays during a busy schedule. Hey, but you need not worry, shared below are a couple of ways in which you can increase the browser speed and make the browsing experience pleasant again.

Run Anti-Virus And Anti- Malware Scanner

Usually when the chrome slows down you might think that the browser itself is at fault for the slowness. But, it can be due to a virus or malware, and this depends on the type of malicious file/files installed on the computer unaware of you. They can cause chrome launching issues and significantly reduce the speed of the Windows OS. It can be resolved by downloading and installing any of the popular antivirus and anti-malware software from reputable brands. So, it is imperative to have them installed, as it prevents browser and system slowdown as well as a preventive measure against security breach.

Try Changing Image Rendering Speed

Nowadays we upload a lot of images onto social media and other such image sharing platforms, and they are loaded through Chrome. Sometimes it takes longer, and this can be fixed by increasing the number of raster threads. Majority of online photos are rendered through raster graphics and browsers read those images through raster threads. To change image rendering speed, first type in the address bar “chrome://flags” and it takes you to a section with the title “Experiments”. Using CTRL+F search for “Raster” and in the drop down list to the right select “Enable”. After this relaunch chrome browser for the changes to take effect.

Restore Default Browser Setting

Chrome Not Responding

Chrome Not Responding

If your browser is slow then you can try resetting Chrome back to its default setting, and this is because extensions can make changes that can slow down the browser. You need not worry about reversion as it does not change the history, bookmarks or passwords. For this, click on the 3 dots at the top right corner adjacent to the address bar.  From the list select “Settings” and in the section that appears scroll down to “Reset and clean Up” there click to the right of “Restore settings to their original defaults” and select “Reset settings” and confirm.

These are some of the ways in which you can try fixing chrome not responding issues.

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