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Steps to Resolve Browsing History Saving Problems in IE9

Internet Explorer Not Responding

Browsing History Saving Issue

It is seen that the browser history is not saved in Internet Explorer 9 by default, which can be annoying at times, such as when you want to re-visit an old site or so. Some methods for troubleshooting the issue of saving browsing history in IE9 are discussed below. Skip to the subsequent method only if one troubleshooting step is not pertinent to resolve the issue in your browser.



Disable Delete Browsing History

Internet Explorer Not Responding


  • Click on Tools and choose Internet Options from the popup menu.
  • Navigate to General > Browsing History and uncheck Delete Browsing History if that is enabled.

Ensure Sufficient Space to Save Web Pages in Hard Disk 

Internet Explorer Issues

  • Under General heading, go to Browsing History and click Settings.
  • Ensure that 250 megabytes is configured under the option Disk space to use and set 20 Days to keep pages in browsing history. If you configure it to 0, then Internet Explorer 9 will not save browsing history.

Delete Temporary Internet Files

Browser Issues


  • Click Tools and navigate to Internet Options. Under General, spot Browsing History, and choose Delete.
  • In the dialog box that pops up, choose Temp Internet Files, Cookies, and browsing History, and click on Delete.
  • Click on OK to confirm the same; these changes will be applied the next time you open Internet Explorer 9.

Reset Browser Settings

Internet Explorer Resetting

Note that changing settings of IE9 would leave it a state when it was first installed on the computer. People often reset settings to resolve issues such as Internet Explorer not responding, but it can be relied upon to troubleshoot if you are unable to save browsing history in IE9. Follow the below steps for that:

  • Close all tabs in Internet Explorer.
  • Under Internet Options, choose Advanced, and click on Reset.
  • In the next window, choose Reset Internet Explorer Settings, and confirm by clicking
  • Once the browser completes applying factory default settings, choose Close, and OK.
  • Reboot the Windows PC for the changes to apply in the default browser the next time you launch it.

Manually Delete Browsing History

Manually Delete Browsing History In Internet Explorer

  • Close all open tabs in the browser and file explorer windows in the computer.
  • Press and hold down Windows and R keys, enter %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\windows\ in the Run dialog box, and click on Ok.
  • Explore the folder named History and clear its contents. You can also open the folder and delete browsing history as per date or time, and skip the rest if you want to keep the web page history of a previous duration.

The above troubleshooting steps would have helped you to deal with the browser error. If not, get in touch with our team of tech support professionals for advanced assistance.

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