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Some Benefits of Incognito Browsing in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing

Incognito Browsing Benefits

Much like other web browsers, even Google Chrome provides an option to surf the web privately. The Incognito mode in Chrome opens up upon pressing Ctrl, Shift, and N keys simultaneously, or users can access it by clicking the three-dot menu to the upper right and selecting the option for the same. If you browse Incognito in Google Chrome browser, it will not save browsing history, cookies, usernames and passwords, or the info you fill into web forms, but will save any bookmarks you want to keep. No one except a website, your employer, or Internet Service Provider will be able to see your browsing activity when surfing the web on an Incognito window in Google Chrome.

The main benefit of accessing a website in this particular mode is that it keeps the browsing information private, which comes in handy if you share your computer with other people. When it comes to browser security, Incognito offers an advantage in the sense that it clears cookies the moment you close the window. This only goes to make the private browsing mode in Google Chrome ideal for surfing on public or shared systems. In case you do not log out from an account you have signed in for the first time after completing a private browsing session in Chrome’s Incognito, the browser will delete respective cookies upon closing the respective tab.

Chrome Constantly Crashing

Private Browsing Session

Since cookies will not be shared between incognito and standard windows in the browser, you have another advantage in the sense that you can sign in to a personal account in normal tab and a different account in Incognito. For instance, if you are sending an urgent mail and your friend wants to check his/her Google account, you can simply sign in to the other Gmail account in Incognito. Likewise, if your spouse tells you that she wants to access a social media account while you are logged into yours, you do not need to log out to provide the access, but open it in an Incognito window.

Note that Incognito does save whereabouts of the websites you have visited in Google Chrome upon a condition. For instance, you sign into Gmail in Incognito tab and do a search on Google, that browsing information will get saved in your account. However, there is a trick in Chrome, which allows users to stop the search engine from tracking the web history.

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