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Solutions For Chrome Crashing Windows 10 Issues

Chrome Crashing Windows 10

Chrome Crashing Windows 10

Chrome is one of the most popular browsers because it is fast, works well and secure; this is the reason it is still the top choice among users. One of the very recent problems is that it stops working after the Windows 10 update. The other common problem is chrome keeps crashing along with unusually long loading time. Many times these issues can be fixed by reinstalling Google Chrome, but sometimes it will not work. Shared below are solutions to fix chrome browser issues when reinstalling it does not work.

Solutions Or Fixes For Chrome Crashing Windows 10 Issues

Chrome Not Loading Web Pages

Sometimes chrome won’t load web pages and the first thing that you must do is to check the internet connection and ensure that it is working. In the case of browser freeze, run a full system scan with antivirus/anti malware software to ensure that there is no infection. Or you can open the browser and enter “chrome://settings/help” and hit Enter to update the browser to the latest version. If Chrome is still not responding, then there must be an issue with DNS cache and you fix it by opening the Command Prompt as administrator and execute the following commands one after the other  1) ipconfig/flushdns 2) netsh winsock reset.

The browser can also fail to launch because a security program is identifying it as a threat or a false-positive. It can be resolved either by disabling the program or uninstalling it.

Chrome Not Responding

The Chrome browser won’t respond or won’t launch or stop working when the user profile is corrupted. In such a situation, we need to rename the current profiles folder and this will create new profiles that will resolve the issue. Follow the steps below.

  • Close Chrome browser
  • Tap “Windows” key + R to launch the Run command box, type in “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\UserData” and hit “Enter”
  • In the User Data folder scroll down to folder named “Default”, right click and select “Rename”
  • Rename it to “Default bkp”

Now, Chrome will create a new profile and you will be able to open web pages without crashing.

Chrome Keeps Crashing

Chrome Keeps Crashing

Browser Unstable

Sometimes corrupted system files can make Chrome browser unstable and it can be resolved by running System File Checker (SFC)  Utility. The SFC scans Windows 10 for corrupted system files and restores corrupted system files. To do it, open “Command Prompt” as administrator and type in  “sfc/scannow” and hit Enter. The SFC utility will run and wait till verification reaches 100%, then exit the Command Prompt and this will fix the Chrome browser issue.

These are some of the ways in which you can fix chrome keeps crashing Windows 10 issues.

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