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Key Reasons Why your Firefox Browser Fails to Play YouTube Videos

Browser Issues

Playing YouTube Videos

Most of you might have encountered issues while using the Mozilla Firefox browser for playing YouTube videos. These issues can recur each time you visit YouTube to watch a video and prevent it from loaded or there might be buffering issues. Some of this browser issues are caused mainly due to the errors or corrupt plugins.

Since YouTube needs Adobe Flash to display properly, any issues with this plugin can cause it to prevent you from viewing any video. Sometimes, the issue can also be caused due to the themes, extensions, and other settings in the Firefox browser. Below are some reasons why your Firefox browser fails to play YouTube videos.

Outdated Flash Plugin

One of the major reasons why you are unable to view YouTube videos in Firefox is due to an outdated plugin. Firefox uses plugins like Adobe Flash to play videos from streaming platforms like YouTube. An outdated Flash plugin will prevent the browser from properly playing the videos from YouTube. You can identify the outdated plugin by carrying out a detailed browser troubleshooting. Updating to the latest version of Flash by following the onscreen guided will usually resolve the problem.

Corrupted Plugins

Browser Troubleshooting

Outdated Flash Plugin

Besides Adobe Flash, there are numerous other plugins, which can affect video playback on Firefox such as the RealPlayer plugin. Corruption of these plugins can make it impossible to properly load and play YouTube videos. The problem is usually resolvable by carrying out an update of all the plugins. Disabling each of the plugin one at a time and then testing YouTube playback is one way to identify and faulty plugin so it can be removed. An outdated RealPlayer plugin can also interrupt the video plugins and updating it might aid in resolving the issue.

Hardware Acceleration

Another reason why Firefox is unable to play YouTube videos is due to the configuration of the drivers or the graphics card in your computer. Due to this Firefox will occasionally crash or fail at displaying videos from YouTube. Disabling the hardware acceleration is one way to resolve this issue. For this click on the Firefox window located at the top and then select Options. On the Advanced tab, select General, and uncheck the Use Hardware Acceleration When Available option. After this is done, restart Firefox for the new settings to take effect.

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