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How to Troubleshoot Random Hangs on Mozilla Firefox 3 or Later

Firefox Freezes Every Few Seconds

Troubleshoot Random Hangs

When Mozilla Firefox hangs or if it stops responding randomly, a label indicating the browser issue would pop up on the address bar of Firefox and cursor of the mouse would become a spinning wheel if you place it over an open tab. Read on for steps to troubleshoot random hangs in Mozilla Firefox if it happens after an action, such as downloading a large file or while quitting the browser.

Steps to Follow

If such kinds of unresponsiveness happen on Mozilla Firefox 3 or later periodically, note that the Places database may be corrupt. Places stores bookmarks, keywords, annotations, and browsing history on Firefox browser. Follow the below steps for creating a fresh Places database for storing all that information in browsing sessions afterward. Note that doing this would clear history of visited web pages and bookmarks of a day depending on when you create a new Places database.

fix browser issues

  • First, open the Profile folder on Mozilla Firefox; click on the menu button to the top of the browser denoted by three horizontal lines and navigate to Help > Troubleshooting Information. A tab would open subsequently on Firefox.
  • Under the Application Basics heading, click Open Folder and that would reveal your Profile Now click on the said menu button and choose Exit. Wait until Firefox quits all tabs.
  • After that, navigate to and rename files sqlite, and places.sqlite-journal (if the second one exists on the Profile folder).
  • To change the name of a file, right-click on one, and choose Rename. While renaming, add .old after sqlite or places.sqlite-journal. When done, quit and reopen Mozilla Firefox.
Chrome Not Responding

Common Browser Issues

Once the browser reboots, it would make a fresh Places database. This would mean that old browsing history on Firefox would be gone, but the browser would import bookmark from the most recent backup file containing that.

If Mozilla Firefox freezes every few seconds even after following the above-mentioned steps, you might have to disable hardware acceleration. This is because with certain graphics driver and card driver set-ups, Firefox tends to hang while hardware acceleration is being enabled. To disable it, click the menu button and select Options. In the new window, deselect Use Recommended Performance Settings option under the Performance tab. Just under that, you have to deselect Use Hardware Acceleration When Available. After that, exit Firefox and see to it if browsing works normally.

If you are unable to view a web page or browse on Mozilla Firefox even after performing all the above-said troubleshooting steps, get in touch with our browser support team at 844-202-8213 for advanced assistance.

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