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How to Troubleshoot “Proxy Connection Failed” on Google Chrome

Chrome Keeps Crashing

Common Browser Issues

When trying to open a website on Google Chrome, an error message can appear saying the browser was unable to establish a connection with the proxy server. This error pops up if internet connection settings on Windows 7 are incorrectly done, or if an installed program on the PC is infected. Like Google Chrome crashes or other browser-related issues, a proxy connection failed error is one that can be resolved.


Steps to Fix Proxy Connection Failed

  • First, close all open tabs in the browser.
  • Navigate to the Start button, type Chrome in the search bar, and run the browser as administrator by right-clicking on it.
  • When Chrome opens with administrator privileges, click on the three-dot icon in the top-right corner, and select Settings from the menu.
  • On the new page, click on Advanced to expand more Chrome Settings.
  • Under System heading, click Open proxy settings

Google Chrome Settings

  • In the Internet Properties dialog box that appears next, click on the LAN settings

Proxy Settings

  • In the next dialog box, make sure the Automatically detect settings checkbox has a tick mark next to it, and that the rest don’t.

LAN Settings

  • Click Ok on both dialog boxes to confirm changes.

After this, open the same website on and see if error still shows. If the page fails to load, go back to LAN Settings as mentioned above and see if the settings have reverted. If so, a computer virus or malware might be the issue.

Remove a Potentially Unwanted Program from Windows

Start the PC in Safe Mode and repeat the same steps to troubleshoot the Chrome browser issue. To access Windows in Safe Mode, follow the below steps:

  • Reboot the computer after ejecting any CDs, floppies, and DVDs, then press F8 before the logo of Windows appears.
  • Under Advanced Boot Options, highlight Safe Mode using the arrow keys and press Enter.

Advanced Boot Options

  • Sign into Windows in Safe Mode through your Administrator account.

If the LAN settings revert back to default despite changing them in Safe Mode, you have to remove the virus by running an antivirus tool. If you experience Chrome crashes or not opening a webpage, contact our browser support professionals via telephone for an opt response.

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