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How to Troubleshoot Internet Explorer Crashes

Internet Explorer Not Responding

Troubleshoot Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer freezes or crashes may occur due to the bugs in installed toolbars or extensions in the browser or other reasons like malware in Windows. In order to check if extensions cause unresponsive tabs in IE browser, you need to run it without add-ons. For that, click Start, type Internet Explorer (No Add-Ons) in the search box and open that one.

Ignore the prompt that says some “web pages might not be displayed correctly,” since it disables toolbars or ActiveX controls. Click the Home button on Internet Explorer running without add-ons and open the same site you had encountered a freeze earlier. If no crash occurs, the problem is likely with any of the extensions in Internet Explorer.

To disable browser extensions, click on the Settings menu denoted by a gear icon to the top right of Internet Explorer and choose Manage Add-ons. In the next window, click on an add-on under Toolbars and Extensions heading and select Disable all add-ons first. Later you can enable extensions one by one and disable the one that is probably causing the browser freeze.

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing

Reset Internet Explorer Settings

If that fails to resolve it, reset Settings of Internet Explorer to default state. For that, click the gear icon and choose Internet options from the contextual menu. Under Internet Options that pop up, choose Advanced tab to the right and click on the Reset button under Reset Internet Explorer Settings. You will have to confirm Reset in the next dialog box and even Delete Personal Settings, although it is not necessary to fix browser crashes. After resetting the settings, restart Internet Explorer in order for the changes to take effect.

Internet Explorer 9 and subsequent versions rely on the graphics hardware integrated in Windows PC in order to accelerate rendering of web pages. Enabling graphics hardware acceleration in IE may cause issues with certain graphics hardware and its associated drivers. To disable that, select Use Software Rendering Instead of GPU Rendering under Accelerated Graphics heading in the Advanced tab. After changing the setting in Internet Options, reboot the browser.

GPU rendering accelerates web page loading speed, especially graphics-heavy web content. However, if freezes persist in Internet Explorer despite enabling software rendering, it is better to disable that and try installing latest graphics drivers. Apart from that, install Windows Update to fix freezes of the default browser or scan for malware and remove if it exists in the OS.

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