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How to Troubleshoot Google Chrome Sync Error

Chrome Keeps Crashing Windows 10

Chrome Sync Error

Have you noticed some of the previous search queries on Google showing up on a computer? This can happen if you are searching on Google after signing in to Gmail. It Chrome links the browsing history with your Google Account. Note that for Chrome to synchronize browsing history, bookmarks, passwords etc., the smartphone and PC used to surf the web should be signed in to Chrome.

The Chrome Sync feature can be of use, especially if you bookmark or watch a YouTube video on your smartphone and want to access that on a computer later. However, at times, this feature may not sync applicable data between signed-in devices, especially if users make changes to their Gmail accounts. This can be an inconvenience, although maybe not as annoying as when Chrome keeps crashing Windows 10. All said, it definitely demands troubleshooting.

Google Chrome shows Sync Error: Update Sync passphrase on the top-right corner, where the Menu button is. This notification overlaps the three-dot button and gives you new options to troubleshoot the sync not working.

Enter the Right Passphrase

Users can refresh Chrome Sync settings by configuring the right passphrase, as and when the error notification pops up. Here is how to make the necessary changes, and which Google Chrome prompts you need to make.

  • Click on Sync Error: Update Sync passphrase.

Sync Error

  • Click Advanced Sync Settings
  • Under the heading Encryption options, enter the Passphrase. If you have used Gmail for encrypting relevant browsing information that can be synced by Chrome, enter your Google account’s password

Update Sync passphrase

  • Then, click Ok to refresh Sync settings.
  • Exit the browser by closing all open tabs, and see if Chrome browser has synced the data.

Usually, this should fix the Sync Error. However, if it does not troubleshoot the issue, move on to the next steps.

Disconnect and Connect Again

  • Open Google Chrome, click on its Menu button, and choose Settings from the pop-up list.
  • Under the browser’s Settings tab, click Sign Out.
  • After that, a dialog box will appear prompting you to Sign out of Chrome. Click Sign Out to confirm the same.

Google Chrome Settings

  • Exit the browser by closing all tabs, and reopen it on desktop.
  • Sign in to Chrome once again, the same way you signed out through its Settings window. Once you are signed in, Google Chrome will notify that sync is turned on.

If Chrome keeps crashing Windows 10, or if the annoying Sync Error shows up in the future, contact our browser support technicians for advanced troubleshooting.

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