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How to Troubleshoot Firefox Tabs Freezing Problem in Windows

Firefox Freezes Every Few Seconds

Firefox Tabs Freezing

Once Mozilla Firefox closes unexpectedly, it will reveal a dialog box that prompts those surfing the web to submit a report of the crash to developers of the browser. Based on the crash report, Firefox developers will improve subsequent versions of the browser. In the meantime, users would need to know about troubleshooting steps to resolve it. Note that in case Mozilla Firefox won’t open or stops responding, it is termed as a browser hang, and not necessarily a crash.

If your Firefox browser crashes, first open it in Safe Mode to see it if that fixes the issue on Windows PC. For that, click on the hamburger menu to the top, click Help and choose an option that lets you restart the browser with extensions disabled. It will reveal Firefox Safe Mode dialog box; click Start in Safe Mode button to confirm the same.

Once the browser starts in the Safe Mode, see to it if crashes occur in a particular website in which you may have previously experienced it. In case it won’t fix the browser issue, you can use any of the below step mentioned to resolve a Firefox tab crashing.

fix browser issues

Note that if a crash happens even when operating Firefox in Safe Mode, the underlying reason for that may be got to do with version of Firefox and not installed malware plug-ins or enabling of hardware acceleration in the browser.

Update Firefox

Chrome Constantly Crashing

Common Browser Issues

Each version of Mozilla Firefox comprises of several bug fixes to have developed based on previous crash reports sent by users through the browser upon noticing of the problem. Updating the browser to a new version might fix a crash. For that, click on the three-dot menu to the top and choose About Firefox. The browser would check for available updates if any and download the same over the internet. Keep the About Mozilla Firefox popup window open until updates get installed fully and click on Restart to Update Firefox button upon its completion.

In addition, update Windows OS and Firefox plug-ins to the latest versions to see if that helps. Note that Windows Update may install latest graphic drivers, which may enable the browser to use JavaScript and hardware acceleration. Updated graphic drivers may prevent crashes of Mozilla Firefox while taking a webpage printout as well, so that is worth trying.

Get in touch with our tech support team for further assistance with the tabs freezing issue or if you face any other problem while surfing the web on Mozilla Firefox browser.

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