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How to Troubleshoot Err_Connection_Refused on Google Chrome

Chrome Constantly Crashing

Err_Connection_Refused Error

Cannot open a particular webpage on Google Chrome? If so, you may receive an error message on the tab like ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED or other types of error message such as This Webpage is not Available or ERR_TIMED_OUT. Try any of the below troubleshoots in order to clear connection problems on Chrome browser on Windows.

Clear Browsing History

Note that this will remove saved passwords and so forth on Chrome. In order to clear it, press Ctrl key and H key simultaneously to launch browsing history. Click Clear Browsing Data to the left side, assign starting time of browsing on Chrome, select all options, and click on Clear Browsing Data to delete the browsing history. Then, restart the Chrome browser to see if it resolves its connection problems.

Disable Browser Extensions

Sometimes disabling add-ons on Chrome can help you to fix that. In order to know which add-on causes the connection problem, type chrome://extensions on the address bar of the browser and press Enter. Else, you can open the menu icon to the right of Chrome, navigate to More Tools and click Extensions to launch the console.

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing

Clear Browsing History

Make it a point to deselect all of the browser extensions on Google Chrome and then retry opening the same tab, which showed ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. If that resolves the error, then you can navigate to Chrome’s extensions page once again, disable add-ons one by one, and then open the same web page to see if the error pops up.

Clean Temp Folder of Windows

Click on the Start button on the desktop, enter %temp% on the search box, and press Enter. Now delete all of the temporary files in the folder alongside the subfolders inside the Temp folder. Note that you cannot delete all of the temporary files and temp folders what are in use while you attempt the deletion for running its associated Windows programs. However, ignore that and delete the temp files and folders that you can. Once you restart the computer, you can delete the rest of the files in the Windows temp folder.

If you need to open a web page on Chrome quickly and do not have time to try the aforementioned troubleshoots for the connection errors, press down Ctrl key and F5 simultaneously to reload the web page and bypass deleting the local browsing cache. Else, browse incognito by pressing Ctrl key Shift key and N.

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