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How To Solve Buffering Issue - Browser Freeze Issues | Internet Browser Keeps Freezing

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How To Solve Buffering Issue

What Causes Buffering

What Causes Buffering

How do you feel when the episode of your favorite show stops playing? You might have experienced something similar when the form you spent 30 minutes to fill, does not get submitted due to slow internet. Despite being a daily interference, we still have not got used to it.

It is common to see people blaming the internet service provider for slow internet. But, it’s confusing when the video plays on your phone whereas it buffers on your laptop. This article will help you solve the reason why you experience buffering.

What Causes Buffering?

Buffering happens when the internet supply to the device is slow or cut. A video you play is streamed ahead of what you are watching so as to provide an uninterrupted watching experience. However, if the internet connection is somehow disrupted the video will fail to load and you will start seeing the round white circles.

This becomes worse when the video is long. In such cases, the streaming speed might not necessarily be high which means you will have to encounter buffering frequently.

How Can You Stop Buffering?

The solution is simple- continuous supply of high-speed internet. This is the most common reason why you are not able to watch the latest thriller movie on Netflix. You can talk to your internet service provider and enquire about the different offers that give better speed. If you continue experiencing the same problem, it is most likely due to a slow DNS server or weak internet cables. You can solve the problem by changing your internet service provider.

Stop Other Programs Or Downloads

This another reason why your video is slow. If your video is buffering, you can close all the other programs that you are using on the internet. You can also pause whatever you are downloading so that all of your internet’s bandwidth is available for the video to play.

Pause The Video

Pausing the video for a while will let the video stream and this might create the needed difference between the streaming and playing speed.

Change The Time

Streaming Speed

Streaming Speed

You should also try watching videos some other time. It was observed the load on the OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime are overloaded, which will affect the speed of the video.

Check for Virus

Virus removal is not only good for your internet but also for your system. You can rely on anti-virus software to remove harmful viruses that might be slowing your system.

Wireless Connection

Even though wireless connections are more convenient, wired connections have lesser disturbances. Everything in between the point of origin of the internet signal to your device will act as a hindrance to a wireless connection.

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