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How to Remove an Adware from the Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Not Responding

Remove Adware From Browser

When IE browser has an adware or an add-on that infects it with a malware, you may come across pop-up advertisements from time to time or a web page redirection. An adware is a “Potentially Unwanted Program” that needs to be removed in order to safeguard the browsing experience in Internet Explorer. Before you proceed with the troubleshooting steps to remove a PUP in the browser as explained below, it is advisable to restore Windows computer using the backup created.

  • Open IE browser and click the Settings icon denoted turning gears to the upper right and navigate to Tools > Manage Add-Ons. It will launch a window that contains all the browser extensions installed on Internet Explorer.
  • To the left of Manage Add-Ons window, choose the Toolbars and Extensions Then, select the suspected adware program installed in the browser and click Disable.

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  • Choose Search Providers option to the left of the window, click on any search engine to the right, and then use the Set as Default option or use a search engine of your liking.
  • After that, choose the adware related to that particular search engine, which you prefer to surf the web and choose Remove.
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    Then, navigate to Tools and choose Internet Options. Below General tab, change the Home Page to a website URL that you prefer browsing in. Enter the home page of the search engine to set it as the Home page of Internet Explorer instead of an adware URL. Click on OK after that in order to apply the changes being made in Internet Options

  • Once you confirm changes to IE, the window will close so you need to reopen it. In the new dialog box of Internet Options, select Advanced tab, and click on the Reset Under the heading Reset Internet Explorer Settings, select Delete Personal Settings, and click Reset.
  • Once settings are reset in Internet Explorer, you will get a dialog box that confirms the same. Click on Close in that dialog box, and OK to confirm changes being made to IE settings.

Now close and open the browser and see to it if the home page is opening instead of an adware page and that if you can browse the web in Internet Explorer without having to encounter a redirection in new tabs as well. Get in touch with an expert team of browser support professionals for further assistance to fix the error.

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