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How to Open a Website Link in Google Chrome in a New Window

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Opening Website Link

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers being used by power users. One of the best aspects about Chrome browser is its intuitive user interface, that won’t let down sophisticated uses. If you are a newbie to the UI of Chrome, though, you may not know that some hot keys can let you open an external link in an active Chrome tab in a new window or foreground.

Suppose you are surfing the web in Google Chrome and see a link on a particular website, opening such external links in the browser by clicking the hyperlink text will reveal it in a new window by exiting the active tab. To override that, open the website link within an active Chrome tab by using the scroll of the mouse or the middle-click. Alternatively, you can also hold down Ctrl key and left-click to open the link in a new tab or foreground tab as web developers refer it to. This way, you won’t have to navigate back in case you have accidentally opened such links in Google Chrome.

Chrome Not Responding

Common Browser Issues

Using the said hot keys to open the website link in an active tab once will allow you to use left-click going forward. Note that an active website may have several links for online marketing purposes, but some may be part of a tutorial with relevant content such as in an internet forum. If you are using a different Chromium-based browser, you can press Ctrl and Shift keys simultaneously and left-click on the hyperlink text you want to switch to in a foreground tab. These hot keys will work in Internet Explorer 11 and Mozilla Firefox latest version as well.

Google Chrome also lets users install an add-on known as Tab Activate to override the same automatically. To install that browser extension, search Tab Activate in Google, open the respective link, and click Add to Chrome button highlighted in blue. Then confirm the installation of Tab Activate in Google Chrome by clicking Add Extension on the dialog box that appears on the screen. Once this browser extension is installed in Chrome, all of the links you need to open will do in the foreground each time you do that by using the middle-click.

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