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How to Fix the Audio Not Working on Google Chrome Error

Chrome Keeps Crashing Windows 10

Audio Not Working Error

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and simplest internet browsers out there. With a single click, users will be able to load multiple tabs, web pages, and applications without any delays. This is why numerous business enterprises and advanced users prefer Google Chrome browser to other alternatives. However, just like any other web browser, Chrome also encounters minor issues at regular intervals.

One of the most frustrating Google Chrome issues is, undoubtedly, the “Audio Not Working on Google Chrome” error. When this happens, you will not be able to hear any sounds while using the browser. Several users who have experienced this Google Chrome error often ask “Chrome audio keeps not working or cutting out. How can it be fixed?” If you are one among them, then we have got you covered.

Update Google Chrome

The first and most important thing you should is to check whether you are using an outdated version of Google Chrome. Several computer users often fail to realize the fact that most of the Chrome browser issues that they are experiencing could be due to the use of an outdated version of the browser. So, update your browser, as it might help you to fix the issue.

Reset Chrome Settings

If you are unable to hear sounds from other browsers or while playing videos on your device, then there might be something wrong with the speakers in your device. On the other hand, if you are able to hear sound from other apps and browsers, then resetting the Settings in Google Chrome browser might help you to solve the issue. To do that, open Google Chrome on your computer and then click on the three-dot menu button. You will now need to click on Settings, followed by Advanced, and then Reset.

Clear Cache

Chrome Not Responding

Update Google Chrome

Browser cache, the temporary data that speeds up the loading time of websites, might sometimes be the major culprit behind the “Audio Not Working on Google Chrome” error that you have been experiencing. The good news is that clearing the cache data on your Google Chrome browser might help you to resolve this issue. Other common Google Chrome errors such as Chrome not responding and Chrome keeps crashing in Windows 10 might also get solved by clearing cached data.

Performing the above troubleshooting steps will surely help you to fix the audio issues in the browser. However, it can be a bit tricky at times to follow the instructions mentioned here. If so, get in touch with our browser support team at 844-202-8213 for immediate technical support.

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