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How to Fix Online Game or Webcast Not Loading on Google Chrome Error

Chrome Keeps Crashing Windows 10

Common Browser Issues

If a webcast or an online game on a social media handle is not loading on the Chrome browser, and shows a gray screen instead of the content, try the below steps to fix crashes or freezes. Follow each troubleshooting steps in the same order as mentioned, reload the Chrome tab to see if it works, and proceed to the next step only if required.

Enable Flash on the Website

Check to see if a Chrome tab shows Click to Enable Adobe Flash Player or a message to download Flash. If you see either message, it indicates a website requires permission to load content through the Flash plug-in installed in Chrome. Yet note that Google Chrome recommends enabling the plug-in only for trustable websites.

In the Chrome tab with the freezing problem, click on the button denoted by a green lock icon next to secure, or click on the info button denoted by an exclamation mark if that shows to the left of the address URL. Once you click either button, click the arrows to the right side of Flash. If it is set to Use Global Default (Ask), click on Always Allow on This Site instead.

fix browser issues

Enable JavaScript

Certain types of online media run on JavaScript. To enable that, click on the three horizontal lines or vertical dots to the upper right corner, and navigate to Settings > Advanced. Under the heading titled Privacy and Security, select Content Settings. Then, click on JavaScript and switch Blocked to Allowed (Recommended).

Remove Extensions or Clear Browsing Data

Chrome Constantly Crashing

Clear Browsing Data

A video or an online game loading issue may occur on Chrome due to saved information in browser cache, add-ons, or plug-ins. In order to identify and remove the plug-in, open an Incognito tab on Chrome by pressing Ctrl, Shift and N keys. Copy paste the URL that failed to load in normal Chrome tab and paste it on Incognito tab.

After that, click on the three-dot menu and navigate to More Tools > Extensions. Deselect Enabled next to each add-on. Now reload the Incognito tab with the game or video. If the content loads up on Chrome, try disabling each add-on the same way or Remove the extension causing the problem.

If even that fails to troubleshoot, try clearing Chrome browsing data. Note that this will remove cookies, saved passwords, and so forth. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our tech support team for help.

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