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How to Fix Common Issues in Google Chrome

Browser Issues

Google Chrome Issues

Google Chrome, in spite of being the top web browsers in the world, is still affected by several issues. The high resource consumption and closed nature make Chrome prone to various issues that can interrupt web browsing. Recently, Chrome has surpassed the number of users it serves when compared to other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, Google Chrome still has many issues and fixing them is necessary to enjoy an uninterrupted web browsing experience. Below is how to fix common issues in Google Chrome.

Reset Browser Settings

Chrome may often crash or fail to load web pages, which can be frustrating for the users. Resetting the browser settings is one of the most effective ways to resolve such crashes in the Google Chrome browser. For resetting the browser settings, click on the Chrome icon and select Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Reset Settings and then click on the Reset Settings button.

The other way to resolve this issue is by using the Chrome Clean-Up Tool. Available free for download, this valuable tool can help clear many of the crashing and other issues with Chrome. Crashes or loading issues in Chrome are mostly caused by malware and this free tool can scan and remove such malicious programs as well as unwanted plugins to restore its normal functioning.

Remove User Profile

Browser Error

Reset Browser Settings

In some cases, users have reported about an error message that says, “Your Profile Could Not Be Opened Correctly”. This can prevent access to some of the features of Chrome such as bookmarks and browser settings. Deleting the user profile is the best ways to resolve this browser error, which can be done by going to the Menu > Settings > Sign In and then clicking on the Disconnect Your Google Account option.

Tick the box located beside the “Also clear your history, bookmarks, settings, and other Chrome data stored on this device” message and click on Disconnect to remove the user profile. After this is done restart Chrome and then sign in again for restoring the browser.

Using Chrome Task Manager

Most users encounter a frozen tab or window while browsing on Google Chrome. This can be quite annoying when you want to view multiple websites simultaneously and can hinder your work. The tab or window can freeze during browsing leaving no choice to the user to continue or terminate the process.

An easy way to fix this issue is by opening the Chrome Task Manager by pressing Shift and Esc simultaneously. In the list of running tabs and extensions, select any task that is consuming high amounts of memory, and click on the End Process button to terminate the process.

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