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Chrome Not Working Issues Due To Faulty SSL Certificate - Browser Freeze Issues | Internet Browser Keeps Freezing

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Chrome Not Working Issues Due To Faulty SSL Certificate

Google Chrome Not Working

Google Chrome Not Working

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and secure web browsers in the world, it has more than 40% of the market share of desktop users. This is because of its simple user interface, speed, and privacy that it offers to its users. Like any browser, it also encounters errors and here we will look into SSL certificate error. SSL certificates are used to establish a secure connection between the user and the hosting server of a website. Common google chrome not working issue related to SSL certificate error shows “cannot connect to real domain-name.com” or “invalid SSL certificate error”, they are also known as SSL connection error.

Listed below are the reasons for Chrome SSL Certificate error and how to fix them.

System Time Is Not Real

This error happens when the system time of the computer is different from the real-time and to resolve it set system time the same as real-time based on your current geographic location.

SSL Certificate Expired

A website with an expired SSL certificate poses risk as the connection to it is not secured and Google Chrome will show a warning as the site is not secure. To avoid it, the website admin must renew the SSL certificate or purchase a new SSL certificate.

Google Chrome Not Updated

If the Google Chrome version is not updated it might get this error and it can be avoided by using the updated version of Google Chrome. You can update it from the About Google Chrome in the Help.

SSL Certificate Not Installed Properly

This can be considered as a google chrome not working issue because when the SSL certificate is not properly installed, the website will not load securely. It can be resolved by the website admin doing the proper installation of the SSL certificate.

SSL Certificate Issued By A Doubtful Certificate Authority (CA)

Only SSL certificates from a trusted certificate authority and self-signed SSL certificates with limitations are accepted by Google Chrome. If this is not the case, then the browser will show an error “SSL certificate not issued by trusted CA”. It can be resolved by getting a domain validated SSL certificate for the small and medium-sized website and organization validation SSL certificate for large businesses.

Website With Outdated 128-Bit Encryption

Chrome Not Working

Chrome Not Working

Google considers 256-bit encryption to be secure and the older 128-bit encryption insecure due to vulnerabilities. So, if the website has an SSL certificate with 128-bit encryption, then contact the certificate authority to reissue a certificate with 256-bit encryption.

These are some chrome, not working issues caused by faulty SSL certificate of websites.

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