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All you Need to Know about Google Chrome Error 124 and How to Fix it

Chrome Not Responding

Error Code 124

Google Chrome is a widely popular web browser across the world. People rely on Google Chrome a lot these days, as almost every information is available through the platform. Not just the search engine, Google also has various applications like YouTube, Gmail, Maps, PlayStore, etc., that make the life of a use much simpler. Everything you need to know is just one tap away. However, what if this power of “one tap” is not responding; that would be the most irritating thing for a user. Shockingly, Google Chrome not responding error is the most common reported issue with the browser.

One of the Google Chrome errors, coded “Error 124”, can occur during program installation, startup or shut down, or during Windows operating system installation. Even though cleaning all junk files maybe helpful, it may not necessarily solve the entire problem. Troubleshooting the issue could be easy if you know when and where the error occurs. So let us see how you could resolve the Google Chrome Error 124.

What is Error Code 124?

“124” is the numerical value of the error, meaning that it holds the information of what caused the error. This code has a hexadecimal number and has a technical description linked to it. In some cases, this error may contain more parameters in hexadecimal system, which shows the memory location where information was loaded during the time of the error. A browser tech support personnel can easily identify the error using the 124 code and the description.

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What Does the Error 124 Do?

The error crashes the active program window, besides leading to frequent PC crashes, making Windows run sluggishly and respond very slowly to inputs. In most of the cases, the message displayed on the screen would be Error 124 (net__ERR_WINSOCK_UNEXPECTED_WRITTEN_BYTES, and the computer would freeze for few seconds each time.

The Causes

Google Chrome Error

Common Browser Issues

The Error 124 occurs due to many reasons, such as:

  • Corrupted download or incomplete installation of the Chrome software;
  • Corruption in the Windows Registry due to a Chrome related software change;
  • Any malicious program deleted Chrome related files; or
  • Virus or malware that corrupted system or Chrome files.

Steps to Fix the Error

Follow the below-given steps in order to fix Google Chrome Error 124.

  • Repair Windows Registry entries associated with the error.
  • Run a full malware scan of your PC.
  • Clean your system junk.
  • Update your PC device drivers.
  • Use Windows System Restore to undo recent system changes.
  • Try to uninstall and reinstall the Chrome program(s), which is associated with the error.
  • Run Windows System File Checker.
  • Install all available Windows Updates.

If the error persists even after following all the troubleshooting steps as mentioned above, perform a clean installation of Windows as a last resort. Alternatively, get in touch with our tech support team for advanced troubleshooting; this way, you do not have to compromise on the data stored on your computer.

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