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5 Common Browser Errors and Their Meaning

Browser Issues

Common Browser Errors

When browsing across multiple web pages you might have occasionally come across error pages or some browser issues. Mostly, the errors are common issues with the browser or can mean something else that can potentially ruin the computer. In such cases, the browser displays such errors in the form of messages when you try to enter a specific website or surfing between different ones. Some of the common browser errors and their meaning are described below.

Certificate Error

An SSL or security certificate error is a commonly occurring error in browsers. It is displayed mostly when you are connecting to a website that uses HTTPS. The occurrence of certificate error indicated that there is some issue with the HTTPS encryption of the site. A website that comes with HTTPS encryption presents certificates that the browser uses to identify the legitimacy of the site, thus preventing you from accessing and sharing vital details with a counterfeit site.

Unable to Connect

The “Unable to Connect” is another common error shown in most web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. This error message indicates that your web browser has successfully established a connection with its DNS servers but failed at getting a response when trying to connect to the website’s servers. This can be caused mostly when the website is under maintenance or not available. Issues with your computers internet connection firewall or proxy can also cause this error messages in your browser.

Web Forgery Warnings

Browser Errors

Web Forgery Warnings

When accessing certain sites your browser will display warnings related to phishing or malware known as web forgery. This error is displayed when you try to connect to any dangerous sites located in the browser’s list. Such dangerous sites are known to have malware and other malicious programs that can trick you into revealing confidential financial or other information thus leading to identity theft.

Server Not Found

Another type of browser issue displayed in most browsers is the “Server not Found” error. This error message indicates that the browser is unable to find the website that is being queried for. The “Server not Found” error can crop up if you mistype the website address or of the site does not exist. It can be caused due to a misconfigured firewall, proxy, or network settings.

404 Not Found

“404 Not Found” is a very common error that you might have come across while using your browser. It indicates that the website you are trying to access does not exist – it is either no longer available or you have typed the address wrong. Your browser will display this error message, which is produced by the remote web server.

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