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4 Ways to Resolve Chrome Issues after Windows Update

Chrome Crashing Windows 10

Change the Properties

The latest Windows 10 updates have brought a spate of problems in programs installed in the operating system. One of these is Google Chrome, which so happens to be the web browser of choice for most computer users around the world. Post update, you may not be able to use Chrome to browse the internet and visit the sites which you most often go to, or even download apps from your favorite websites. Following are some fixes for this, and for Chrome crashing Windows 10.

Fix it in Safe Mode

  • Head to the Start menu, hit the Power icon, press Shift, and then restart the PC.
  • Choose Troubleshoot, and then Advanced Options. After this, choose Startup Settings, and choose Restart. Hit F5.
  • Clear the cache and cookies in Chrome using the Ctrl + Shift + Del shortcut key combo. Additionally, switch off hardware acceleration in the browser and relaunch it.
  • After that, log in using normal mode. Chrome should be working fine.

fix browser issues

Change the Properties of Google Chrome

For this, you will need to launch the browser using the Run as Administrator context menu option.

  • Right click on the Chrome icon and choose Properties. Select the Compatibility tab, and choose the button that says Change Settings for All Users. Deselect the Run This Program in Compatibility Mode option, which you find beneath Compatibility Mode.
  • Select Run This Program as an Administrator, and hit Apply, then OK.

Troubleshoot after Adding the Reliable Multicast Protocol

Issue With Google Chrome

Common Browser Issues

If the methods detailed above failed, you may have to check the network configurations on the Windows 10 update.

  • Launch the Run program using the Win + R combo; when the dialog box appears, type in cpl, and hit Enter.
  • When you get to Network Connections, right click the network adapter that is working right now, and choose Properties.
  • Select Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol, and hit the Install Leave the Protocol option highlighted, and click on Add. Get Reliable Multicast Protocol highlighted, and hit OK.

Update the Network Drivers on the OS

The issue with Google Chrome can also arise from missing, outdated, or incompatible network drivers. There may also be various problems with the network after the update, such as no Wi-Fi, slow internet, etc. Get a driver download program from the internet, preferably freeware, and download all the needed drivers for the OS. You can get in touch with our experts for more details on the same, or for any further assistance with fixing Chrome browser issues.

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