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Steps to Resume a Broken Download in Chrome

Why Does Chrome Keeps Crashing

Common Browser Issues

Many things can lead to a low internet connection, such as bad service, weak Wi-Fi, or unstable 4G connections. Browsing the internet on one of these using Chrome can be a headache, but that is not as bad as having your downloads stop before they complete. It is even worse than that time you had to Google “Why does Chrome keeps crashing?”, and hits a lot harder when the file you are trying to download is huge. It is possible to resume the process, but each time you do that, the download starts from scratch.

Now for some good news: you can restart downloads from the exact place you left off. Some other browsers already let you do this, but with Chrome, you will need to use a workaround. Whatever fragment you have downloaded will be used as the starting point for the download.

  • First off, do not exit Chrome, or the partial download you have will get deleted.
  • Search for and download Wget or something similar. Such applications are intended to help with exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Let us take Wget for instance here.
  • Before installing the program, change the destination folder to something other than Program Files. This is because you will be moving files to the installation folder later.
  • Locate the partial download from where it has been saved, and copy it.
  • Go to the Wget folder and navigate to the Bin Inside, paste the file you have copied.
  • Rename the partially downloaded Remove the crdownload part of its name, and hit Yes to confirm.
  • Hold down the Shift key and click on the blank space inside the window where the partial download has been pasted. Select Open command window here.
  • Download In Chrome

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    Go to the browser window, type chrome:\\downloads in the URL bar, and hit Enter. Find the download, right click it, and choose Copy Link Address.

  • This will bring up a command window. Here, type wget -c, and paste the link that you just copied from the download section in Chrome. Hit Enter to get the download started.
  • You will see the percentage progress of the download in this window. When it hits 100%, the file has been completely downloaded.

This was a look at how to resume a download in Chrome from where you left off. Having to Google “Why does Chrome keeps crashing?” can be annoying, but nowhere near as much as a continuously resuming downloads that drop off.

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