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Methods to Fix Error 0xc00000a5 and Error 138 in Chrome

Google Chrome Keeps Freezing

Common Browser Issues

Chrome is a fantastically fast browser that lets you enjoy the best that modern web browsing has to offer. However, it does serve up a few kinks every now and then. There are many ways to get around most of these, such as when Google Chrome keeps freezing, while others are hard to deal with. Following is a look at two of the most annoying errors you can encounter while using Chrome, as well as methods to solve each.

Error 0xc00000a5

This error in Windows 8 can come up while you are installing Chrome for the first time, or launching it. It leaves the browser unable to open new pages, and is accompanied by one or more of the following symptoms.

  • An error message comes up and then Chrome crashes.
  • Your PC crashes frequently.
  • Chrome does not initialize.
  • The PC becomes sluggish, Google Chrome keeps freezing, and responses to mouse and keyboard inputs slow down drastically.
  • Windows freezes for a few seconds, and then keeps repeating this.

Causes of Error 0xc00000a5

  • A different application having deleted Chrome files, whether maliciously or mistakenly.
  • Malware having corrupted some of the files Chrome needs to run properly.
  • Google Chrome not having been installed properly or completely.
  • A corrupted registry entry having resulted from a recent change made to the software.

Resolution Method 1: Add No Sandbox Flag

  • Right click on the shortcut for Chrome.
  • Select Properties.
  • Go the bottom of the Target box, and add –no-sandbox at the end of the text that is already there.

Google Chrome Properties

  • Hit Apply, followed by OK.

Resolution Method 2: Reinstall Google Chrome

  • Press Windows key and X simultaneously, and then choose Programs and Features. Alternatively, click on Start > Control Panel > Programs and go to Programs and Features.
  • Choose Google Chrome and hit Uninstall.

Uninstall Google Chrome

  • Follow the instructions shown on the screen to conclude full removal of the software, and reboot if asked to.
  • Go online and download the latest version of Chrome. You will need to use Internet Explorer for that, but luckily, this will be a one-time thing.
  • Run the installer file and follow the instructions you see on the screen.

Resolution Method 3: Disable Compatibility Mode

  • Right click on the shortcut for Chrome.
  • Select Properties.
  • Go to the Compatibility
  • See if the Compatibility mode option is active. If yes, disable it.

Disable Compatibility Mode

Error 138

This error in Windows 7is a networking issue that is actually worse than when Google Chrome keeps freezing mid-work. For starters, it renders the browser unable to get on the internet, and displays the following message: Error code: Error 138 (net::ERR_NETWORK _ACCESS_DENIED): Unable to access the network.

The first thing to do is check that your internet connection setup is still solid. To that end, examine the Ethernet cable connection or the wireless connection status. After making sure the connection is fine, and getting the error message once again despite this, use the following method to troubleshoot.

  • Click Start, and then type in Windows Firewall and hit Enter. Choose Allow a program through Windows Firewall.

System Security

  • When that opens, choose the Allow another program
  • This will bring up a window with a list containing the names of all currently installed programs on the PC. Go to Google Chrome and choose Add.

Windows Firewall Properties

  • After choosing Add, return to the last screen and hit OK.
  • You may be asked to restart the PC at this point to allow the changes you have made to take full effect. Barring any ongoing virus scans or update downloads, you should restart the PC right away to make sure you can get the issue sorted as soon as possible.

Sometimes, it is a third party antivirus that is blocking Google Chrome from connecting to the internet, so check if your resident antivirus software has a list of blacklisted programs, and whether Chrome is on it. If yes, remove the entry by providing confirmation of administrator privileges.

These are some of the ways in which you can resolve Error 0xc00000a5 and Error 138 in Windows 8 and Windows 7 respectively. Make sure to create a restore point before taking these steps, and if you encounter an unexpected issue while carrying out the troubleshooting steps, feel free to call us on 844-202-8213 for immediate assistance. Our team of certified experts will get on the problem right away and fix it in minimal time, ensuring you can get back to whatever you were trying to do when the annoying error first showed up.

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