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How to Troubleshoot Waiting for Proxy on Google Chrome

Chrome Constantly Crashing

Common Browser Issues

Users of Google Chrome often encounter an error message saying, “Waiting for Proxy”, especially while trying to open a website. Much like Chrome constantly crashing, even taking too much time for a web page to load up fully can cause much annoyance to those surfing the web. However, there are several steps to resolve the error on Chrome. Prior to proceeding with the below steps for that, ensure that the website or web page you are trying to open is not appearing fully only in Chrome.

If the website or page loads fully in other browsers, launch the Chrome tab in Incognito mode by pressing and holding down Ctrl, Shift, and N keys. If the website returns with 404 Not Found error message on incognito window, you will have to clear browsing data of Google Chrome. For that, press and hold down Ctrl, Shift, and Delete keys on an active Chrome tab, and choose Clear Data from the window that pops up. Note that this step might also fix Chrome constantly crashing issues.

It is also seen that “Waiting for Proxy” error occurs because of IP preference change from IPv4 to the other configuration. In case your system has configured IPv6 address, it will first try that, even though if it is assigned automatically without a proper gateway. Once this particular connection gets timed out, the system will try to establish the connection with IPv4 instead, and the web page will load without any glitches. So if clearing the browsing data fails to resolve the “Waiting for Proxy” error on Chrome, follow the below steps to fix it.

  • Click on Start button, and search View Network Connections in the search box.
  • In the Control Panel window that pops up, right-click on LAN connection and choose Properties.
  • Assign a default IPv6 connection that is valid or disable it and choose IPv4.

Chrome Not Responding

  • Now open Chrome, click on the menu button to the upper right, and choose Settings. From the new window, select Advanced and click on Open Proxy Settings under the System This will reveal Internet Properties dialog box.
  • In the Connections tab being revealed already, click on LAN settings, deselect Automatically Detect Settings, and click OK.
  • Confirm the action by clicking Apply and OK in the previous window on Google Chrome.

Troubleshooting Tips


This should fix the “Waiting for Proxy” error on Chrome. However, if you are still facing the issue, or need help with Chrome constantly crashing problem, get in touch with a browser support technician for advanced troubleshooting.

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