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Disabling Notifications from Websites in Chrome

Does Chrome Keeps Crashing

Common Browser Issues

Some time back, most of Chrome’s problems boiled down to a single question: “Why does Chrome keeps crashing?” This issue has been resolved with new, better-built versions of the famous software, but Google Chrome still serves up problems. One example is when it launches annoying and invasive notifications from random sites.

These come up in a corner of the screen accompanied by alert noises, and can start getting on your nerves within the first week. The setting is made when you visit a new website and a prompt window asks permission to start giving you updates. If you are really busy, you may click OK, but for a lot of people, that is the wrong move. Controlling these pop ups afterwards is not something the average user is familiar with.

Shut Down All Notifications

  • Notification controls are different for each system. On Windows or Mac, launch Chrome and click on the menu. This will be on the upper right, with a three-line symbol. From there, choose Settings, and then Show advanced settings when you see it. For Chromebook users, there is no need to open the browser. Just head to the status area in the OS, the one where the account icon is. From there, hit the Settings icon, and then Show advanced settings.
  • Under advanced settings, go to the section labeled Privacy, and select Content settings.
  • A new window will come up. Scroll down until you find the option that says Notifications. Here you will see three choices to pick from. Choose the one that says Do not allow any site to show notifications; this will permanently turn off the notification setting for all sites.

Google Chrome Settings

You may also want to disable Google Now as an extra step. This is the service, which can turn out to be a disturbance.

  • In Chromebook, go to the Notifications Center and hit the cog shaped icon. Deselect the programs you do not want to hear from anymore, including Google Now.
  • Type chrome://flags in the URL bar of the browser and disable notifications such as Experimental UI for Notifications and Rich Notifications. If these are shown as enabled, switch them to the Disabled

Google Chrome Flags

The matter of notification bombardments is as relevant these days as the question “Why does Chrome keeps crashing?” once was. The above steps should be enough to solve the problem you have encountered. If not, get in touch with our expert browser support team over the toll free number for advanced troubleshooting or start a live chat session now!

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